About SaberBooth

Just over 3 years ago we started our photo booth rental company.  We wanted to make supplemental income to help support our growing families. We were both working our 9 to 5 grinding it out 5 days sometimes 6 days a week getting paid half our value.  The photo booth industry is more popular than ever before as it is now expected at every wedding, birthday party, corporate event, graduation, baby showers ect.  We're so blessed with what the industry has done for us and how it has changed our lives. It is now time for us to pay if forward and help open the doors for others like us who want to live the life of financial freedom and stability one can only dream of.  We at SaberBooth believe in starting a photo booth business at a very low cost and that's why we created SaberBooth to help you achieve that. We understand that not everyone can afford $10,000 dollars to purchase a photo booth or even grow their current photo booth business. Our mission is simple, get you the most popular mirror booths for sale at the lowest cost possible, and we want to make it available to as many people as possible.