Affordable Mirror Booth Shells

Mirror booths are creating a buzz in the industry of event planning. Much more magical than traditional photo booth setups, a mirror photo booth supports a whimsical atmosphere for weddings, parties, proms and birthday bashes. Designed to provide an interactive and immersive user experience, mirror photo booths invite guests to enter a fascinating world of enchantment.

Want to get in the business but working with a limited budget? Mirror photo booths can get pricey, especially if they are equipped with all the cool bells and whistles. Committed to helping party planners, event coordinators and entertainers stay within budget, we've created ready to customize mirror booth shells. Each shell is like a blank canvas. Customize yours to satisfy the needs of your client base without having to dig deep in your pockets. Our mirror booth shells support DIY customization, providing you with a more affordable and more comprehensive solution for party entertainment. They don't feature any internal components, so let those creative juices flow in order to craft a custom experience for party goers. You can achieve the same effect of an expensive mirror photo booth for a fraction of the price. Customizing these photo booth shells requires little technical knowledge, so it's an easy project for just about anyone to take on.

Make a smarter investment to grow your business responsibly. Our DIY mirror photo booth shells have been designed for budget-savvy entrepreneurs growing small businesses that serve their local communities. The company you can trust when it comes to saving you time, hassle and money, SaberBooth provides premium quality fully configurable products. Reflect the best of your business and get the most out of your budget with entertainment essentials by the leading manufacturer of customizable mirror booth shells. Shop our selections to find the shell suitable for your needs. 


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